Operated Assisted Audio

Planning a large teleconference?

Have a legal hearing or investor call that requires exceptional care and attention? Our specialists will handle the execution of your most imperative conference calls so that you can focus on running your business.

How we benefit you…


Top of the line service

Go ahead and focus on running your business, and we’ll handle the rest. Our specialists provide excellence in a variety of services like event planning and recording, attendee registration, rehearsal, Q&A’s, and post event reporting, polling and reviews. 


Specialized account management

Our team of experts are all U.S. based and never outsourced. Consider us a part of your team because we are here to assist every step of the way.


Best industry rates

Regardless of the provider, we can negotiate a better rate for you than if you had gone to them directly. 


Simplified Support

Your Account Manager is the only call you need to make to receive personalized guidance and assistance with anything that arises or questions you may have.

Could operator-assisted audio benefit your business?

Do you…

  • Often hold large conferences where participants are attending remotely from a variety of locations?
  • Require specific details on attendee demographics?
  • Wish to measure the efficacy of your conferences?
  • Need flexibility on which devices people may use to attend?

Event Call Advantages

  • Offers participants an easy and superior experience for increased productivity
  • Attendees are formally welcomed by an operator who gathers information that you decide
  • Data reporting and analysis provided so you can continue to improve
  • Works over a wide variety of devices, mobile included

Other audio offerings

Flat-Rate Toll Services

One monthly fee covers unlimited monthly toll conference calls, based on a max number of participants. Calls can be made anytime for the whole month, for a flat fee as low as $19/month. Contact us for details on rates and plans offered. 


  • Flat rate regardless of number of calls
  • Avoid per-minute charges
  • Avoid international caller fees
  • Customization available
  • Call recording and playback available
  • Dependable and secure

International Conference Calls

Businesses that are multi-national and require extensive international numbers or have many remote employees, can utilize our toll-free or international numbers for their conferences. 


  • Choose between scheduled or on-demand calls
  • Ability to record for distribution or future playback
  • Dial-out to participants
  • Ability to mute/unmute certain lines
  • Choose between Web-based or phone keypad controls
  • Security features, like the ability to lock the call
  • International access in up to 120 countries

Reservationless Toll-Free Audio

Any size business can utilize our Reservationless Free Audio solutions, which provides the ability to collaborate and interact worldwide. These services are most useful for companies with a large number of remote staff, suppliers, partners, or clients. 

Key Benefits

  • Certified, superior quality audio for crystal clear calls
  • Service in up to 120 countries for international attendees
  • Detailed reporting available
  • Single-use PIN option for added security
  • Easy scheduling through Outlook
  • Start and join calls quickly with iPhone, Android & Blackberry apps