Backup As A Service

(BaaS) Made Easy

Gain confidence knowing that your data and intel is fully backed up and protected. You’ll sleep better when you know that if anything happened, you can have everything fully restored in minutes. 

Backup as a service (BaaS) is the process where instead of being performed on-premise, data backup and recovery is managed by an outside provider and stored in the cloud. This takes the burden of storing and/or recovering the data off of the business IT department.  

How does Backup as a service work?

An organization transfers their data over to the MSP’s data center via the cloud. Combining the management services and infrastructure resources offered by a MSP allows for modern solutions and enables backed up data to be readily and easily accessible in the event it needs to be recovered. 

Backup as a service advantages:

  • The top advantage to using BaaS is that a business does not need to build and maintain their own costly infrastructure for data backup and recovery. 
  • BaaS is also very cost-effective because you only pay for the exact amount of data you’re currently storing, so it can easily be adjusted.
  • Cloud BaaS combined with a virtualized infrastructure allows backups to happen at the VM level, which speeds up the entire process.
  • In the wake of a disaster, it’s imperative that you have a service that is extremely proficient at recovering backups to get your business running smoothly again as quick as possible. BaaS are under constant management and providers will support any issues that arise at any time.

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