Satellite Internet

How Satellite Internet Compares

Satellite internet is the most widely available option in the U.S. It works without the cumbersome wires or landlines required by traditional internet, by using satellites in space that send signals to and from Earth using a dish. This makes it a great option for more remote locations where landlines do not exist for other options like cable, DSL or fiber internet. While satellite internet occurs at high speeds in order to send information to space and back, you may still occasionally see increased lag time for activities like online gaming, where a large amount of data is travelling back and forth.


Anywhere you can get a clear view of the sky, you can have satellite internet. 


Quicker than dial-up, but still not as fast as other hard-wired options like fiber or cable.


Not ideal for online gaming or streaming services due to delay in signal. Browsing may also be slightly slower to load as well. 

Final Analysis

Satellite internet is highly accessible and easy to install. Wired internet options are preferred, especially if fast load speeds are required, however it is still a better alternative than dial-up. Best option for rural locations where landlines are not available.