The Wide-Area Network Is Changing

Businesses are moving to networks with increased flexibility and efficiency  

What is SD-WAN?

The innovative process of Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) connects end users to data centers or cloud services using low-cost broadband links. The result is improved efficiency and greater flexibility. Once we access your network, we can recommend a plan of action for converting to the SD-WAN solution.

Benefits of SD-WAN

Whereas traditional WANs are pricey and offer little flexibility, an SD-WAN is a very cost-effective alternative that allows for greater carrier contract flexibility, and allows you to observe how and who is using your network. We can set up your SD-WAN solution 100x quicker than a traditional WAS, with a cost reduction of over 50%.

Increased Connectivity Speed

Bandwidth Elasticity Results in Flexible and Scalable Throughput.

By choosing to utilize multiple WAN connections, you will see increased efficiency in routing critical application traffic between users and the cloud (or remote data centers).

Serious Savings:

Larger customers can likely save 50% or more in their monthly WAN management fees. There are a variety of ways you can save money in the short and long term:

ZERO up front hardware expenses

ZERO consultation or set up fees

ZERO outside ticket management fees

SD-WAN leverages the availability and cost effectiveness of broadband connectivity. By utilizing SD-WAN with dual-Internet broadband, over dedicated and MPLS connectivity, customers can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars per month, per site. 

Customers may further curtail time spent by IT professionals, and likewise cut costs, through the ease of configuration and deployment of the SD-WAN installation.