Proactive Protection Against Future Threats

Cyber security is ever-evolving and it requires a dedicated staff of experts to keep up with current threats and anticipate future ones. Our team of specialists will ensure you’re protected from upcoming security threats, and keep you updated on regulatory changes to HIPAA and SOC.

How we benefit you…


Industry specialists

For no additional cost we assign you a team of expert security engineers to ensure you’re always prepared for regulatory changes and aware of emerging security threats and will save you time searching for solutions.


Best industry rates

Regardless of the solution you decide on, we can negotiate a better rate than if you go to a carrier directly. 


Security carriers vetted quickly and easily

Our expert engineers analyze all possible options to find the ones best suited to serve your business.


Simplified Support

Your Account Manager is the only call you need to make to receive personalized guidance and assistance with anything that arises or questions you may have for the life of your investment.

Is your current security enough?

Do you…

  • Require assistance managing IT risk and compliance?
  • Worry about a breach in data security or compliance violation?
  • Consider investing in around the clock security?
  • Need to install a log management or security information and event management (SIEM) system?
  • Have numerous mobile device users in your company?

Our Advantages

  • Updates help you stay ahead of compliance for HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, ISO, POPI, SOC and others
  • Respond quickly and effectively to security issues with your own on-site SpiderLabs
  • Monitor your systems closely with an early warning system that can spot possible malicious activity
  • Utilize tools that control who has access to certain resources or applications
  • Cloud-based endpoint solutions that are easy to use, comprehensive, and scalable.

  • Receive assessments that help you proactively address mandates for HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, ISO, POPI, SOC and others.
  • Get your own on-site SpiderLabs to investigate and remedy breaches faster.
  • Implement an early-warning system that monitors your systems and identifies potential malicious activity.
  • Get tools that help you regulate who or what can use resources or applications.
  • Leverage cloud-based endpoint solutions that are comprehensive, scalable and easy to deploy and manage.

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