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Microsoft Office 365 & Google Suite

The two big players in the office productivity game: Microsoft and Google. While other alternatives are out there, they continue to be the most widely used. While both have similar functions

If you’re looking to switch to a new productivity suite, or 

When people think of an office productivity suite Microsoft and Google tend to spring to mind. And for good reason: while there are other alternatives on the market, they remain the most popular tools for business users.

Whether you’re looking to deploy a productivity suite for the first time, or you want to see how your current one compares, we are here to offer a unbiased review and comparison of both Office 365 and G-Suite to help with your decision. 

Additionally, other things that should be considered are overall cost and the ease of implementation and use across your company. Smaller organizations may enjoy a fully cloud based suite, while larger companies may find it more difficult to transition fully to a cloud.

Both providers offer similar services like spreadsheets, word processing, and file storage, but there are still some very notable differences. An example of this is that Google’s G suite is strictly cloud-based while Microsoft offers both desktop and cloud versions of its Office suite.

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Businesses must also weigh that while Google provides the benefits of real-time collaboration, most people are already familiar with Microsoft products, so that could shorten learning and transition time. 

We can assess these features and more to help you make a well-informed decision on which suite would best support your business needs.  Contact us today for a free consultation.