Audio Conferencing

Audio Conferencing

Select Com’s audio conferencing services include a variety of helpful features and options for managing and accessing meetings. Our state-of-the-art hybrid audio conferencing provides an exceptional level of quality and security, so the user can enjoy a world-class experience. Our audio conferencing services include:

  • Reservationless Toll Free
  • International Audio (coverage in over 140 countries)
  • Flat Rate toll audio conferencing
  • Operator Assisted calls
  • Reservationless Toll Free

How to Host Conference Call

To host a conference call, you’re assigned a unique phone number, PIN, and conference code. Setting up a meeting or conference is simple and can be done in an instant, anytime and place. With a remarkable 99.99% uptime and dedicated 24/7 support, you won’t find better reliability anywhere else. 

Features & Functionality

24 Hours per day, seven days per week access,
no Reservations Required

Unlimited Meeting Duration During Conference Calls

Enhanced recording and playback features (MP3/WAV/CD)

Mute/Unmute all conference calling participants

Close your conference to new attendees with a keypad entry

Self-Service Online Meeting Management Center

International Toll-free Numbers and International Localized Numbers Available

Free conference cards provided to each individual in your company

Track your company conference calls by department
or individual user

Reliable, Secure Voice Platforms

On Demand capacity of up to 500 users

Dial-out directly to participants

Live conference call service operators available
24/7 during your audio conference

A post conference summary can be emailed to you
after each conference

International Audio Conferencing

That’s no problem, because we have ties to providers in more than 140 countries. Anytime, anyplace, we offer both toll and toll-free options for dependable and secure international conferencing services anywhere in the world. 

Select Com assigns you international toll and toll-free phone numbers that you provide to your participants for them to dial into the conference call. Multi-national businesses who utilize our services have seen significant cost savings and network reliability, and we are sure you will too. 

Operator Assisted Conference Calls

If your call is higher-profile or for a larger event, we offer professional operator assistance which includes a suite of additional features and service upgrades (reservations required).

Our insightful account managers can assist you with the planning and execution of your conference, offering customization suggestions that perfectly fit your needs. If you would like assistance with sending invites or registration services, they are there to help.

The most common format goes as follows, with optional features performed by our operators: 

  • Introduction of speakers
  • Digital recording
  • Facilitation of questions & answers (Q&A) and/or polling
  • Sub-conferencing

At the conclusion of your call, you’ll receive a participation report listing all attendee names, a CD recording and transcript of the call, and a digital recording to allow invitees who missed the call to catch up later.